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As a nurse with over a decade of experience, the idea for ScrubTrottr was born out of my own frustrations and the challenges I've seen my colleagues face. One day, a close friend faced the threat of being fired simply because she forgot to renew her CPR license, and that was a wake-up call. I realized that managing multiple credentials and documents with different expiration dates was a daunting task for many medical professionals, including myself.


With years of travel nursing under my belt, the chaos of managing receipts and expenses during tax season was equally overwhelming. Scouring through old emails for hotel and rental car confirmations was a hassle I wanted to eliminate. That's when the concept of ScrubTrottr, an app designed specifically for healthcare professionals, began to take shape.


The idea was simple yet powerful: harness the convenience and security of our ever-present smartphones to create a mobile portfolio for medical pros. ScrubTrottr is an efficient, secure, and seamless solution that streamlines our professional lives, making it easier to excel in our careers without the stress of managing paperwork and deadlines. It's a tool I wish I had earlier, and now it's here to empower us all.

Kai Copeland

MSN, MPH, AGNP-C | Founder


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